Issac | Stern Architects, P.C.

Issac & Stern Architects is a New York City-based architecture firm established by Ramy Issac in 1988. Since its inception, the firm has designed, managed and supervised diverse projects ranging from residential design and renovations, to oce buildings, churches synagogues, restaurants, nightclubs, community centers, and retail establishments. Beyond bringing imagination to design concepts, Issac & Stern seamlessly merges them with the functional wants and needs of the client. Their ability to harmonize the aesthetic with the pragmatic continues to be the foundation of the firm’s mission.



Cl-oth Interiors is a Brooklyn-based, interior design studio with a collaborative approach to design and construction. Cl-oth’s philosophy combines a commitment to craft and detail with an openness to new aesthetic and formal ideas based on the unique challenges of each project. Founded in 2005, Cl-oth has designed for a wide variety of building types and projects throughout the New York area.


Halstead Development Marketing

Halstead Development Marketing (HDM) is a leading real estate, sales and marketing firm dedicated to the craft of new development. The firm’s mission is to create superior residential development experiences unique to the market. HDM has driven billions in sales over the last decade, partnering with celebrated industry leaders to build some of the most unique oerings in the marketplace. With a foundation rooted in collaboration, every stage of the development process is approached with innovation, unparalleled market research and rigorous attention to detail. All properties receive comprehensive exposure through the unmatched Halstead global network.


The Aguayo Team

The Aguayo Team at HDM is the preeminent new development consulting and brokerage team in the industry. Over the past eighteen years the team has consulted on over 350 development projects in New York City. Led by Brendan Aguayo, SVP and Managing Director at HDM, the team offers guidance on navigating all stages of development; from acquisition, through the pre-development planning, marketing and sale or lease-up process. The team brings a proven expertise in new development marketing to every project, ensuring targeted communications reach desired audiences. By keeping abreast of constantly changing market and demographic trends, the team has gained a reputation for being an essential resource in their client’s efforts to maximize value, overcome obstacles, establish successful projects, and forge new markets.