A rich
interior life

How would you like to live in a building with a rich interior life? A building whose amenities are designed to encourage friendships. Where people discover common interests while sharing common spaces. A welcoming community that enlivens the lobby, mingles in the lounge and invigorates the fitness studio. A building where the number and type of amenities rival those found in much larger buildings. A building where every room feels like an extension of your home.

A refuge designed to make life easier, smarter and more convenient — like virtual doorman service, a place to stow your packages and bikes, and comfortable spaces inside and out to relax, party, work or Zen out. I think you’ll like it here.

The Hyland


The Hyland elevates your quality of life. Designed to foster community, the amenities successfully balance health and wellness with recreation and entertainment. With spaces for everyone — including pets — the type and style of amenities rival those found in much larger buildings.

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